Learn full stack web development in a community of social entrepreneurs.

What is CodeHub?

We teach code to novices so they can get jobs in a modern development environment. Our 10-week, after-hours proto-course is flexible for working pros, but robust enough for quick learners. CodeHub is housed inside Impact Hub Salt Lake, a community of social entrepreneurs working to make an impact on our community and the world at large.


June 23rd - August 29th

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Applications close June 16th

Be indispensable to your peers.

When you use something every day, extra proficiency adds up quickly. Whether you want to become an expert software developer, or just know how to talk the language with engineers, we will help you achieve confidence inspiring skills.

Working in a team environment

Communicating with a project manager

Speaking and presenting ideas

Managing time and working with Agile & Scrum processes

Engage in a collaborative workspace.

Your tuition includes a Hub Unlimited membership at Impact Hub Salt Lake, connecting you to a local and global network of changemakers and game-changing organizations.


During your non-class hours, share this inspiring and creative coworking space to develop your skills.


Connect with entrepreneurs, civic leaders, investors, and other passionate individuals on a daily basis.


Join regular events that engage members socially and intellectually, from evening mixers to documentary film nights.


Sharpen your networking and business development skills by utilizing Impact Hub's venture acceleration business clinics, mentoring and training opportunities.

Begin your training regimen.

Don't worry, we don't like listening to lectures either. That's why you will be spending the majority of your time working on real projects with team members. And when you're done, you'll have something to put your name on that will make you proud.

    Week 1: Introduction to Software Engineering

  • Learn how to improve and apply problem solving skills to programming
  • Begin to understand the basic building blocks of code
  • Acquire techniques to facilitate rapid learning

    Week 2: Advanced Code Manipulation / Introduction to Node.js

  • Begin to recognize, deconstruct, and utilize more complicated code
  • Study Node.js, a powerful server architecture written in JavaScript

    Week 3: Expanding Node.js / Libraries’ APIs, JSON, and RESTful

  • Connect to other servers on the web and exchange data
  • Continue honing your Node.js and JavaScript abilities

    Week 4: Introduction to Databases and Persistent Data

  • Learn how to store data on your server
  • Expose that data so others can connect to your APIs

    Week 5: Introduction to Design, HTML/CSS, and Client Side Development

  • Understand what makes a stylish and user friendly web page, then build it!

    Week 6: Client-Side Logic

  • Add functionality to the HTML and CSS that you’ve learned

    Week 7: Data Binding Frameworks

  • Expand your client-side skills to utilize AngularJS, a library that makes slick client side logic

    Week 8: Integrating the Entire Stack

  • Connect your front-end development to your Node.js backend

    Week 9 - 10: Team Projects

  • Develop and work on a project outlined by you and your instructor
  • Work with a team of 3-5 other students
  • Practice roles such as product manager and scrum master
  • Utilize modern development practices such as Agile, Scrum, and rolling backlog while you develop your application; just like working at a real company!


What does a 'proto class' mean exactly?
This course is an early release intended to streamline our program before we launch this fall. Because we are testing our curriculum and program, we are giving our first students an 80% discount (reflected in the current price). This means that you will be able to take this course for an incredible value and have the opportunity to provide feedback to enhance the course in its full form.
What is the time commitment for this program?
A) This is a 10-week program. Each week, you’re required to attend class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. The instructor will hold open office hours from 10am to 4pm Monday and Friday, and we recommend utilizing this time and putting in an additional 8 hours of practice on your own each week.
Do I need programming experience to participate?
A) Not at all. Ideal students will have strong critical thinking skills and can demonstrate the ability to solve complex problems in other areas of work. The best asset to a programmer is thinking like a programmer.
How many students are in a class?
A) We’re planning on 15-20 students in our first cohort.
What equipment do I need?
A) You’ll need your own laptop, with the most recent operating system (Windows or OS X) installed, as well as a modern internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc).
Can this course help me get a job?
A) While we can’t guarantee placement, it is very possible. Not only are these skills in demand (the unemployment rate among developers is less than 4%), but by locating inside Impact Hub Salt Lake, you’ll be interacting with startups, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and other organizations on a daily basis. The best way to get a job is to make a friend, and learn some awesome new skills.
How good will I be at the end of the course?
A) As long as you take your work very seriously, participate in all classes and projects, and put in some outside practice time, you’ll finish with the solid base abilities for a new, professional programmer. You’ll be able to develop your own website or web app from start to finish. Sure, there will always be more to learn, but you’ll know what questions to ask, know the basic skills necessary for programmers, and know where to look when you’re stuck.
What is the application process?
A) Because this course includes an Impact Hub Salt Lake membership, we will need to make sure you a good fit. This means we expect our applicants to meet the values requirements needed to be an Impact Hub Salt Lake member. Once you’ve submitted your completed application, our team will review it and invite you for a video or in-person interview. After the interviews, we’ll select the cohort based on personal fit with our values and critical thinking/problem solving ability.